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Tri-Cities Cheese Week - Cheese, Charcuterie & Beer Pairing

Updated: Sep 24, 2019


The Tri-Cities Cheese Week was a fun week of cheese and beverage pairings! Four nights of cheese and beverage pairings from beer to bourbon. Each night we filled the room with cheese lovers from around the Tri-City area along with one event in Abingdon Virginia.

For the Cheese, Charcuterie & Beer pairing, Jill Henritze was my co-host and we have collaborated in the past for a few of these pairings, but this is the first time we added in some charcuterie. I asked my friend Kevin Ouzts the owner and chef at The Spotted Trotter for some cured meats to pair up with the cheese and beers, he didn’t let us down. Kevin believes in using traditional recipes with local ingredients to create some very cool combinations, like his Southern Smash that has Georgia peanuts in it.

JRH Brewing is a relaxed brewery with some very nice people on staff, comfy couches and tables for 6 are all around making this a great place for being social over some great beers. It’s also a great place for a beer and cheese pairings.

We started off the night with the Henritze Gold-American Lager paired up with the Tillamook Cape Meares Cheddar & The Spotted Trotter Sujuk

Pairing # 2 was the Henri's Stout paired with the Presidents Triple Crème Brie & The Spotted Trotter Finocchiona

Pairing # 3 was the Triple Hop Drop - American IPA paired with the La Bottega Artigiano Aged Balsamic & Chippolini onion Grana & The Spotted Trotter Southern Smash

Pairing # 4 was the Mt. Roots Hemp IPA paired with the Emmi Roth Buttermilk Blue & The Spotted Trotter Black Pepper Sorghum

Pairing # 5 was with the Edgework Irish Red Ale paired with the Roth Van Gogh Gouda & The Spotted Trotter Soppresatta

Each of the pairing brought something different to each of the beers, all were exceptional and we voted at the end for the favorite pairing and it was a tie between Pairing # 2 and Pairing # 5.

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