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Thank you for subscribribing to my website! I hope you will find these inforative and useful.

What's coming Up in June & July

International Deli, Dariy & Bakery Association is in Atlanta, GA from June 5th - 7th. I will be in the "What's in Store Live!" area along with presenting 3 Cheese pairng events. Read more..

Sunday, June 5th Cheese & Charcuterie - 2:30 pm What's in Store Live! Workshop

Monday, June 6th Cheese & Bourbon - 4:30 pm What's in Store Live! Workshop

Tuesday, June 7th Cheese & Sweetwater Brewing Beer Pairings - 11:30 AM What's In Store Live! Workshop

International Cheese & Dairy Awards in Birminghan, UK on June 30th - July 2nd. I will be judging and will be conduting 6 beer and cheese sesions during the show. As the North American Ambassador for the ICDA we have a record number of USA cheeses in the competition this year as we celebrate their 125th year! Read more...

Thursday, July 14th 6:30 pm - Cheese & Wine Pairing Event - Terra Sur Cafe

This year the American Cheese Society Conference is being held in Portland, OR on July 20th - 23rd. I'm looking forward to catching up with friends during our event, along with celebrating with the 2022 ACS Award winners! Read more...

Did you know?

Do you know why..

We wash cheese?

Sarah Hoffmann explains

Do you know..

What to look for in Fressh Mozzarella?

Daniel explains.


It's time for fresh summer vegetables and fruits, so let's make some fun Cheesey summer recipes. It's a great time to use Feta, Fresh Goat Cheese and Mozzarella in our entertaining and healthy meals. Here's a few recipes to think about for those hot summer days.

Summer Cocktails and Cheese

Here's 4 cheese mongers and makers bringing their favorite Cocktail and Cheese for summer entertaining as well. They shake, stir and pour their recipes for you.

Looking for more Cocktails and Cheese

Here's a recipe page with a wide selection of cocktails and cheese, again presented by Cheese Maker and Mongers.

Thanks again for subscribing to my updates, blog and recipes. I apprecite the support and if you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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