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September 2021

I’m excited to announce that my book Beer Cheese Stories is available!

Beer Cheese Stories features
400 Beer & Cheese Pairings
130 Breweries with over 300 Beers
110 Cheese Makers with over 300 Cheeses
12 Cheese Boards with over 300 Accompaniments

Here’s a little video that I did.

"Beer Stories" is a must-read for brewers, beer-lovers, cheese connoisseurs, and anyone who appreciates the simple wonders of food. Author Michael Landis has thought about this book ever since he started working with beer in Juneau, Alaska. With beer, there has always been food. When he began to write these stories, he realized that he's done more with beer and cheese than anything else. Every story in this book is true. In the pages of this book, you'll find beers that are hoppy and hazy, golden and blonde, but most of all, meticulously paired and crafted. Get ready to go on a mouth-watering adventure through the author's unforgettable collection of beer and cheese pairings

Landis has always wanted to accumulate as many of the beer and cheese pairings that he's taught over the years and bind them together into one collection. The product is this book, where you will find a wonderful selection of beers and cheeses. If you cannot find the exact beer to pair with the cheese, you can substitute another brand for the style. Also, if a brewery pauses or discontinues a beer, your quest will be to find a similar beer style to match in the pairing! Landis has always made it his mission to update beers that were discontinued and replace them with good substitutions. Remember, each beer is unique, one of a kind, and special. Get ready to enjoy this collection and its pairings!

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