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Your Educational Choices

2021 Virtual Cheese Training VCT) is available from short “Info” sessions to multiday presentations.  Cheese Education directly to your team, on demand or in class.  Backed by professionals in the Industry along with giving you the choice on your teams’ educational needs.  Cheese, Wine, Beer, Charcuterie, and more topics are available directly to you. 

VCT is available to you in any variation that you choose.  This is all supported by the Cheesemakers and producers, regardless if you get your products direct or through a distributor.

•    You Choose your Cheesemakers and Producers
•    You Choose how long they present (15 to 30 mins)
•    You Choose how often (Once a week, once a month, once a quarter or only promotions) 
•    You Choose from an array to topics (Cheese Families, Pairing ideas, In-Depth Cheese presentations or a combination of them all)
•    You Choose the Format (Zoom, Teams or Online Classes)
•    You Choose On Demand, Scheduled or both
•    You Choose to get a Certification, have a quiz or just attend the sessions

Again, you can educate your teams with an easy plan for 2021.  We will follow your direction and schedule everything, including providing study guides for each session.

I am looking forward to talking with you about our Virtual Cheese Training.   Just let me know when you would like to start, and we can put a plan together.

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