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Sampling Cheese at Events

With my book, "Beer Cheese Stories" coming out mid-September, I want to have beer and cheese pairing samples along with my book signings. I found that most of the breweries are good with sampling in both single servings and bulk, however, it's so much easier to work with the single serving packets. With sample sizes about 1 ounce, they are the perfect size for samples and I have a nice choice for diversity of pairings as well.

Here's some examples, for Soft Ripened Bloom Rinds there's Supreme Brie bites along with Ile de France bites, perfect for sampling. I found that Roth has a creamy Gouda and Cheddar in single packs too. Cypress Grove Cheese has 1-ounce single packs of their Ms. Natural and Purple Haze fresh goat cheese. As a nice sharp cheddar, I found the Black Diamond 18 month cheddar in a single pack too. So, I'm happy to use these for my events as it makes it easy to serve along with the added safety of handling the cheeses without a deli or formal restaurant environment.

I'm looking forward to these events and being able to sample out some fun cheeses and beers. It also works out that I have featured these cheeses in the book as well.

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