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Braised Short Ribs, Street Corn & Cheddar, Bacon Potatoes

Five Courses & 5 Boston Beer Co beers and this is our main event.

Course # 4

Black & Blue Short Ribs with AmaBlu Cheese with Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Crispy Bacon and Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Mexican Street Corn with Belgioioso Parmesan paired with the Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Black & Blue Short Ribs with AmaBlu Cheese paired with Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Short ribs are seared and cooked long and slow with Samuel Adams Boston Lager, beef stock and a balsamic glaze

AmaGorg or AmaBlu cheese

AmaGorg® Gorgonzola is Cave aging for a minimum of 90 days gives our AmaGorg® Gorgonzola a sweet flavor profile that pairs well with wine, chicken, or on a cheese board with dried fruit and nuts.

AmaBlu® Blue Cheese

America’s first Blue cheese is cave-aged for a minimum of 75 days making it a creamy and delicious addition to steaks and hamburgers fresh off the grill.

Crispy Bacon & Cabot Cheddar Roasted Fingerling Potatoes paired with Samuel Adams Boston Lager

The secret to this potato recipe is an extra long roasting time and a good drizzling of bacon grease. The smoky bacon flavor is in every bite and the extra minutes in the oven leave the edges of each potato nice and crisp with a fluffy center.

Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar

Extra Sharp Cheddar is creamy and rich with a slight crumble, and packs a grown-up, citrusy tang. With a full-bodied flavor, and that classic East-Coast Bite, we think it’s the best tasting extra sharp on the planet. Naturally lactose-free, it’s perfect any way you choose to serve it. Slice it up for a scrumptious snack with a hoppy beer, melt it on gooey grilled cheese, or stir it into a bold cheese sauce. There’s no wrong way to enjoy cheddar this good.

Mexican Street Corn with BelGioioso Parmesan paired with Samuel Adams Boston Lager

This Mexican Street Corn recipe is a common Mexican street food that is made by grilling corn on the cob and then coating it with a mixture made up of mayonnaise, sour cream, cotija cheese, chile powder, and lime. You can use different cheeses, for this recipe I’m using a Parmesan.

BelGioioso Parmesan

BelGioioso Parmesan is made with fresh milk gathered daily from our local farmers. Each wheel is aged in special caves for over 10 months. BelGioioso’s Master Cheesemakers carefully inspect and hand-turn each wheel to ensure a consistent aging process. This expert care develops Parmesan’s sweet, nutty flavor and tantalizing aroma.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

The beer that started it all for Samuel Adams. This unmistakable, full-flavored beer sparked a movement to bring better beer to U.S. drinkers. Boston Lager illustrates our core mission to brew flavorful, complex and delicious beers. To this day it’s made using the same recipe that Jim Koch used in 1984. Boston Lager® remains our most popular beer ever made.

Check out all the recipes at Michael Landis Cheese!

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