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Book Release - September 2021

Well, it's finally here! Beer Cheese Stories will be available in September 2021. Details will follow on getting your copy of the book.


Beer Stories has been in my head for a long time, ever since I started working with beer in Juneau, Alaska. With beer there has always been food and there are a lot of books about beer and food.

When I started putting these stories down on paper I realized that I’ve done more with beer and cheese than anything else. All of these stories actually happened, maybe between the number of beers and the time that has passed some of the minor details may have slipped by, but I promise you that most of this really happened.

I wanted to accumulate as many of the beer and cheese pairings that I’ve taught over the years. Sometimes there were so many in a row that I didn’t do a good job of keeping track of them. Here you will find a nice selection of beers and cheeses to choose from. Sometimes you may not find the exact beer paired with the cheese, so you can substitute another brand for the style. Also, it happens that breweries will pause or discontinue a beer, which has happened in the book. Your quest would be to find a similar beer style to match up with a pairing.

I endeavored to update beers that were discontinued and replace them with good substitutions and sometimes, there’s just nothing like that beer and it’s a great pairing and story.

I will post details of getting you copy of the book on my website as soon as I have copies in my hand. Which by the way, should be September 17th.

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