Wednesday, December 9th


Join Michele Buster with Forever cheese for a 3 part series, the Taste of Italy, Spain & Croatia!

In the second of the series, join Michele for a tour and tasting adventure of Spain! Michele will present a guided tasting, discussing the Golden Fleece Semi Firm Sheep cheese with Saffron, paired with accompaniments and stories of Spain's rich culinary traditions.

This session will be recorded and available on the Michael Landis Cheese YouTube Channel.

Purchase of tasting bundle will include registration and invite to the event.
Price of admission and bundle: $49.14

Tasting Bundle includes:
1/3 lb Golden Fleece
8 oz Mitica® Date Coconut Cake
8 oz Mitica® Marcona Almonds, Skin On
1 unit Mitica® Orange Blossom Honey

Golden Fleece - A unique Manchego-style artisan cheese with delicately floral saffron threads throughout the paste. Aged 4 months and made with microbial rennet, it is smooth and buttery with a touch of acidity and saffron in the finish.

Mitica® Date Coconut Cake - An artisanal Spanish cake made with just whole Deglet Noor dates and coconut. The soft, exquisite dates are the ideal match for fresh, flaky coconut. Each cake is formed by pressing layers of fruit together with no additives or preservatives. Excellent paired with cheese, chocolate, or as an energy-boosting snack.

Mitica® Marcona Almonds Fried & Salted - Known as the “Queen of Almonds,” Spanish Marconas are sweet, plump, and flavorful with no bitterness. We expertly select these prized almonds for the highest possible quality.

Mitica® Orange Blossom Honey - This raw, monofloral orange blossom honey comes from Murcia in southeast Spain. The producers’ co-op members cultivate the bees and collect honey from bees that feed on the pollen of orange blossoms. The resulting honey has delicate hints of citrus, making it very versatile