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Join Michele Buster with Forever cheese for a 3-part series, the Taste of Italy, Spain & Croatia!

In the first of the series, join Michele for a tour and tasting adventure of Italy! Michele will present a guided tasting, discussing the beautiful sheep's milk cheese BiancoSardo® from Sardinia, paired with accompaniments and stories of Italy's rich culinary traditions. Michele will also present the Lametia PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and discuss the small production by female producers of this amazing EVOO.

This session will be recorded and available on the Michael Landis Cheese YouTube Channel.

Purchase of tasting bundle will include registration and invite to the event.
Price of admission and bundle: $88.46

Tasting Bundle includes:
1/3 BiancoSardo®
1 unit Toketti di Pane Carasau
1 unit Mostarda Plum Casa Forcello®
8 oz Mitica® Pizzuta D’Avola Almonds
1 unit Mitica® Sunflower Honey
1 500 ml bottle Lametia EVOO

BiancoSardo® - This pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia has a gorgeous pronounced basket rind. Aged a minimum of 6 months, it is rich, buttery, and sharp without being too salty. A note of earthiness comes through in the long finish. In addition to being a captivating table cheese, BiancoSardo® is fantastic for grating and can be used as a substitute for Pecorino Romano.

Toketti di Pane Carasau - Toketti di Pane Carasau are satisfying, bite-sized snacks made from the traditional Sardinian flatbread called Pane Carasau. Dating back to ancient times, it is a thin and crispy bread made with semolina. Due to its long shelf life, it was common among shepherds who traversed the island with their flocks for seasons at a time. Our Toketti combine the authentic flavor of Sardinia with an irresistible crunch

Mostarda Plum Casa Forcello® - Hand-cut pieces of candied plums come alive with a hint of potent mustard extract. Mostarda is a traditional condiment that balances sweetness and heat.

Mitica® Pizzuta D’Avola Almonds - Italy’s most prestigious heirloom variety of almond is grown in southeastern Sicily. Pizzuta refers to the physical shape of the almond, which is pointy and flat. Exceptionally rich in essential oils, the almond is fruity, almost cherry-like, with just a hint of bitterness in the finish. It is the pure flavor that almond extract tries to reproduce. Exceptionally fruity with a flavor like marzipan, limited production Pizzuta di Avola almonds are in a category all their own.

Mitica® Sunflower Honey - Sunflower Honey is an excellent honey for beginners because of its gentle taste. It comes alive with strong floral aromas and the deep flavor of butterscotch but is not aggressive in any way. Its beautiful yellow color and dense texture make this honey appealing to all. We like to pair it with BiancoSardo® or Mahon Reserva. Brothers Fabrizio and Pierpaolo have been tending bees and collecting honey for over 20 years. Their hobby morphed into a successful business when friends urged them to sell the honey, and we are excited to represent it exclusively in the U.S.

Lametia EVOO - An early harvest, mono-cultivar oil made from 100% Carolea olives in the DOP region of the Lamezia Terme Valley. Passionate about the oil that she makes herself, having learned from her family's several generations of experience, the producer, Mariangela, uses olives from her 148 acres of olive groves and processes them within three hours of harvesting.