Wednesday, December 16th


Join Michele Buster with Forever cheese for a 3 part series, the Taste of Italy, Spain & Croatia!

In the last of the series, join Michele for a tour and tasting adventure of Croatia! Michele will present a guided tasting, discussing the Paški Sir DOP a 1 year Aged Sheep Cheese from Pag Island Croatia, paired with accompaniments and stories of Croatia's rich culinary traditions.

This session will be recorded and available on the Michael Landis Cheese YouTube Channel.

Purchase of tasting bundle will include registration and invite to the event.
Price of admission and bundle: $48.31

Tasting Bundle includes:
1/3 lb Paški Sir DOP
1 unit ChocoHigos®
1 unit Mostarda Pink Grapefruit 

Casa Forcello® Paški Sir DOP - Though little known outside the country, Paški Sir is one of Croatia’s most beloved cheeses. It is made exclusively on the tiny island of Pag with milk from the indigenous breed of sheep known as the Paška Ovca. Our producer Paška Sirana collects milk from 2500 of these low-yielding sheep (1/2 L per day), which feed on the salty grasses scattered throughout the rocky, windswept land. It takes milk from about 10-12 sheep in order to make 1 wheel. Full flavored, its crystalline paste develops notes that are pleasantly saline, sheepy, and butterscotchy without becoming too dry. Paški Sir received a Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) in 2019, officially recognizing the great importance of the cheese and the place in which it is made.

ChocoHigos® - ChocoHigos® are soft and luscious Pajarero figs hand dipped in dark chocolate. These figs, native to Spain, are juicy, delicate, and richly flavored. They are the perfect soft centers for these sophisticated chocolate treats.

Mostarda Pink Grapefruit Casa Forcello® - Hand-cut pieces of candied grapefruit come alive with a hint of potent mustard extract. Mostarda is a traditional condiment that balances sweetness and heat.