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Summer Cocktails – 5 Cheese Mongers & a Cocktail

I don’t think that the end of April is too soon to start thinking about summer cocktails and cheese, especially since I live in Florida. Which allows us to enjoy summer cocktails just about every day of the year.

For those who endure the wintery weather, cold spring rains or just a few gloomy days. I’ve asked 5 of my Cheese Monger friends to bring some summer cocktails and cheese suggestions to brighten up your spring!

There’s an endless selection of cocktails and cheeses and these are just a few that we thought would be fun to try. Just in case this isn’t enough, I have 2 more sessions coming up in May with another 10 Summer Cocktails & Cheeses, live on Zoom and recorded on my YouTube Channel.

Here’s their cocktails and cheese along with their videos of creating the cocktail and more information about their cheese choice. You will find their recipes on the YouTube channel descriptions and a printable version on my website in the Cocktail recipe section.

Episode 76 – Summer Cocktails & Cheese – 5 Cheese Mongers & a Cocktail

You can watch the unedited version of all 5 of the Cheese Mongers mixing and pairing.

Episode 76.1 – Benjamin Young – Boston Sour & Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze

Episode 76.2 – Brian Gilbert ACS CCP, CCSE – The Smokin Blue Gin & Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue

Episode 76.3 – Eris Schack – Pain Killer & Deer Creek Cheese Vat 17 Cheddar

Episode 76.4 – Sheri Allen – Perfect Hibiscus Cocktail & Supreme

Episode 76.5 – Tonda Corrente – The Boozey Bougie Bijou Bunny & Deer Creek Cheese MoonRabbit Cheddar

Hey, while you are on my YouTube Channel, Michael Landis Cheese, please take a moment and subscribe to my channel, it is really appreciated!

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