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Ken Heiman & David Leonhardi – Nasonville Dairy

Join Ken Heiman & David Leonhardi with Nasonville Dairy as they talk about the creamery, making cheese, the farms and we have a fun Virtual Cheese Tasting with the Nasonville Dairy Marble Jack, Buffalo Wing Jack, Spinach & Artichoke Jack, Blue Marble Jack, Ghost Pepper Jack & Café Olympia Cucumber Lemon Crumbled Feta.

Thursday, March 18th at 4:00 pm EST

Register in advance for this webinar:

This session will be recorded and will be on my YouTube Channel, Michael Landis Cheese. You can order the cheeses and taste along with us then. Here’s the cheese box deal! Check out all this cheese for 20 Bucks, and you get to taste it virtually with the cheese maker!

Nasonville Dairy Marble Jack

Nasonville Dairy Buffalo Wing Jack

Nasonville Dairy Spinach & Artichoke Jack

Nasonville Dairy Blue Marble Jack

Nasonville Dairy Ghost Pepper Jack

Café Olympia Cucumber Lemon Crumbled Feta

Order on our website:

Nasonville Dairy website specifying the “Landis sampling gift box” $20.00 plus shipping charges.

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