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Cheese, wine & dinner

A Cheese, Wine, and Dinner Experience - Curated by Michael Landis and the chefs at Apron’s Cooking School is featuring a 5 Course dinner with an artisan assortment of cheese, wines and recipes that will be perfect for your small gatherings or just a fantastic dinner for two.

Michael starts off with an artisan cheese board with an In-depth Cheese & tasting description. Then the chefs will demonstrate each of the courses with Michael talking more about each cheese and the wines along with how they work together. Fun and informative along with being able to get to know more about the cheeses, wines and recipes.

ABC & G Cheese Plate & Chole Prosecco

Chicken, Bacon & Cypress Grove Cheese Purple Haze Goat Cheese Flatbread & Chole Pinot Noir

Creamy Wild Mushroom & Vermont Creamery Crème Fraiche Soup & Chole Merlot

Supremely Supreme Mushroom Encrusted Ribeye Tartine, EMMI Le Gruyère Grilled Potatoes & Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Tillamook Cheddar Cheese & Chole Cabernet Sauvignon

Baked Président® Brie with Pecans & Apples & Chole Pinot Grigio

ABC & Goat Cheese Plate – Alpine, Brie, Cheddar & Goat Cheese with Chole Prosecco

The cheeses all work very well with the Chole Prosecco as the wine has a nice granny smith apple flavor that has the right amount of crispness that brings more buttery flavors out in the cheese. The special part of this cheese plate is the Supreme Brie with Fig Spread and the Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes, this is really exceptional.

Cypress Grove Cheese Purple Haze

Emmi Le Gruyère cheese

Supreme Brie

Tillamook Cheddar

Fig Spread

Effie’s Original Oatcakes

Chloe Prosecco defines the elegant sparkling style for which this captivating area is known. This wine is bursting with fresh fruit and fine bubbles, with notes of peach, green apple, citrus and white flowers on the nose and palate.

Chicken, Bacon & Cypress Grove Cheese Purple Haze Goat Cheese Flatbread with Chole Pinot Noir

Top each flatbread with chicken, veggies, bacon, and Cypress Grove Cheese Purple Haze Goat Cheese. Return to the oven for about 8 minutes, until they are heated through and the cheese is slightly melted, not runny. Chloe Pinot Noir is an elegant, yet complex wine that delivers supple structure, ripe fruit flavors and robust aromas. It exudes fruit-forward flavors and aromas of fresh strawberry, juicy plum and black cherry. A plush, velvety mouthfeel is followed by an undeniably, satisfying finish with soft notes of spicy clove and vanilla.

Creamy Wild Mushroom & Vermont Creamery Crème Fraiche Soup with Chole Merlot

This is a great assortment of wild mushrooms that make a rich and earthy soup, what makes this over the top and special is the Vermont Creamery Crème Fraiche it adds a wonderful buttery and tangy flavor. The Chole Merlot is just about the best pairing I have had in a long time, there’s some woodsy flavors in the wine that picks up more of the rich mushroom flavors. Chloe Merlot is a full-bodied, elegant wine with a rich burgundy color palette, soft tannins and smooth acidity. Abundant flavors of freshly picked blackberries, black cherry and ripe plum lead to a plush, velvety mouthfeel followed by delicate notes of vanilla, mocha and spice. This complex, sensuous wine is exceptionally well-balanced with sophisticated intensity and a silky finish that lingers on the tongue.

Supremely Supreme Mushroom Encrusted Ribeye Tartine, Emmi Le Gruyère Grilled Potatoes, Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Tillamook Cheddar Cheese and the Chole Cabernet Sauvignon

All I should have to say is Ribeye and Supreme Brie, those two together is a meal in itself, which is amazing, but add in these rich Le Gruyere Grilled Potatoes and the Tillamook Cheddar Brussels sprouts this is a wonderful and balanced dinner. Chloe Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold, sophisticated wine with luscious flavors of black cherry, ripe plum and dark chocolate, followed by delicate notes of roasted coffee and cinnamon bark. This well-balanced wine has a full-bodied mouthfeel and sturdy tannic structure that leads to a long, lingering finish.

Baked Président® Brie with Pecans & Apples and the Chole Pinot Grigio

I’m a huge fan of the President’s brie and this works perfectly with this rich, sweet and nutty dessert. Since the sweetness is in the butter and topping, I paired this with a fruity and slightly citrus Pinot Grigio, which makes the dessert even more dedicate. Hailing from the cool Northern Italian Valdadige D.O.C., Chloe Pinot Grigio is a classic expression of this timeless varietal. Alluring aromatics lead into an intense expression of the Pinot Grigio grape with a generously structured mouthfeel. On the palate, fruit-forward flavors of juicy white peach, soft melon, crisp apple and floral honeysuckle lead to a crisp, refreshing finish with a subtle undertone of Meyer lemon.

You can find the recipes on my website, Michael Landis Cheese

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