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Cheese, Beer, Dinner - Aprons Cooking Schools 2022

Artisan Cheese, Beer & Dinner

A Cheese, Beer, and Dinner Experience - Curated by Michael Landis

Join Michael Landis, the author of Beer Cheese Stories, an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional, on a journey into the world of pairing up beer, cheese & dinner. Michael personally selected the beers, cheeses, and recipes to create a fun and well paired dinner experience. Michael will start off with an artisan cheese board with an In-depth Cheese & tasting description. Then the chefs will demonstrate each of the courses with Michael talking more about each cheese and the beers along with how they work together.

Michael's newly released book will be available for purchase and signing by the author. It is a must read for brewers, beer-lovers, and cheese connoisseurs to name a few. It features over 300 beer and cheese pairings with 12 Cheeseboards with over 300 accompaniments.


Sampling Cheese Board of tonight’s Cheeses with Samuel Adams - Wicked Easy – Light & Hazy Lager

Ellsworth Cheese Poquitos with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Fried Chavrie® Goat Cheese Salad with Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale

Black & Blue Short Ribs with Crispy Bacon and Cabot Sharp Cheddar Roasted Fingerling Potatoes & Mexican Street Corn with Belgioioso Parmesan paired with the Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Beemster Royaal Grand Cru, Apple and Honey Tart with Rosemary with Angry Orchard Peach Mango Fruit Cider


Ellsworth Cheese Curds

Chavrie® Plain Goat Log

Caves of Faribault AmaGorg or AmaBlu cheese

Cabot Extra Sharp White Cheddar

Belgioioso Parmesan

Beemster Royaal Grand Cru


Samuel Adams - Wicked Easy – Light & Hazy Lager

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Angry Orchard Peach Mango Fruit Cider

Tickets Available Now! I will bring copies of my book, Beer, Cheese, Stores and you can prepurchase the book at as well for pick up at the class.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of the classes!

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