Thursday, March 18th

Join Ken Heiman & David Leonhardi with Nasonville Dairy as they talk about the creamery, making cheese, the farms and we have a fun Virtual Cheese Tasting with the Nasonville Dairy Marble Jack, Buffalo Wing Jack, Spinach & Artichoke Jack, Blue Marble Jack, Ghost Pepper Jack & Café Olympia Cucumber Lemon Crumbled Feta.

Thursday, March 18th at 4:00 pm EST
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Here’s the cheese box deal!  Check out all this cheese for 20 Bucks, and you get to taste it virtually with the cheese maker!

Nasonville Dairy Marble Jack
Nasonville Dairy Buffalo Wing Jack
Nasonville Dairy Spinach & Artichoke Jack
Nasonville Dairy Blue Marble Jack
Nasonville Dairy Ghost Pepper Jack 
Café Olympia Cucumber Lemon Crumbled Feta

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Nasonville Dairy website specifying the “Landis sampling gift box” $20.00 plus shipping charges.

This segment will be recorded, and you will find it on my YouTube Channel, Michael Landis Cheese

Marble Cheese 
Marble Cheese is a great base of what we do a bunch of and do it well.  Simple 40 pound blocks of stirred curd American style cheese – both colored and white.
Clean flavored – melts well – cheese that pleases a wide variety of consumers and has a wide use potential. Sliced on a burger, shred onto chips or cube it and snack away!
Blue Marble Jack Cheese 
Sliced Blue Marble Jack Cheese is a Nasonville original.  The base of a Mont. Jack cheese with a finish of Blue Cheese.  It is a very soft blue cheese flavor so we always are hoping it bridges the gap for people that are not fond of Blue.  Unlike Blue cheese but typical of Jack cheese it will melt very well.  At the very least  it is an original and is slowly gaining a foot hold in the market.  I really like this on top of a buffalo chicken sandwich.
Buffalo Wing Jack Cheese 
Buffalo Wing Jack Cheese is a flavor that we have had for some time that seems to confuse people – they think- hot as in hot wings – not so!  This cheese is a great example of the belief that the cheese flavor in this case Jack should be the first noticeable point and followed by the added flavor – in this case Buffalo Wing – not the heat just the flavor.  Once people try this they tend to really enjoy it shredded onto chips, sliced onto a special grilled cheese, etc.
Cucumber Lemon Feta Crumbles
Cucumber Lemon Feta Crumbles is a unique flavor that everyone seems to love especially on a salad or wrap style sandwich.  We have very limited distribution …  Just think it takes Feta to new heights and really brightens other foods around it!   Try it Mikey – you will like it!  By the way we really have two cheese plants under one roof – Feta being one and American styles – Cheddar’s and Jacks the other.
Spinach & Artichoke Jack Cheese 
Spinach & Artichoke Jack Cheese is again a unique flavor to Nasonville Dairy.  Think of the flavors of spinach-art. Dips then take it into the cheese world.  It’s fun, it’s very flavorful, it can work well shredded over some pasta shells or creating a very unique grilled cheese.  But it also can be cubed and enjoyed on a cheese tray.
Ghost Pepper Jack 
Last but not least – I gotta bring some heat!  We do much hotter than the Ghost Pepper like Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper!  Ghost Pepper Jack is warm – to my palate – very warm.  Cook with it add a little on top of your chili or blend with other cheese on top of a pizza or on your tacos.  We do several items that have some warmth.  I plugged in this as most people can at least try it. But it does need a cube of Colby Jack to tame it down (I think) afterwards.