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Episode 52 – Milton Creamery – 4 Cheese Tasting

Jeff & Angie DiMeo with Milton Creamery along with Michael did a Virtual Cheese Tasting with Milton Creamery’s Cheeses.  Jeff & Angie talked about the stories behind the cheese and we tasted and paired up each cheese.  You can order the cheeses below and taste with us, here’s our tasting kit:  

Milton Creamery Tasting Box 
Milton Creamery Quark 8 oz
Milton Creamery Flory's Truckle 4 oz
Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze 6.5 oz
Milton Creamery 4 Alarm Cheddar 6.5 oz
Mike's Hot Honey 0.75 oz 
Milton Creamery Insulated Lunch Tote  

Here’s what I paired up with the cheeses

Milton Creamery Quark  
Bonnie’s Jams Strawberry Rhubarb
Effie’s homemade Original Oat Biscuits 
Pilsner Urquell Original Pilsner

Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze  
The Preservation Society Pepper Jelly
Rustic Bakery Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib & Almond
Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale

Milton Creamery Flory's Truckle  
Mitica Fig Jam
Firehook Rosemary Sea Salt Organic Mediterranean Baked Crackers
Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale

Milton Creamery 4 Alarm Cheddar   
Mike's Hot Honey   
Effie’s homemade Corn Biscuits
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA

You can get more information about Milton Creamery at