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Thursday, May 20th

Join Mariano Gonzalez, Ruth Flore & Amy Sisti-Baum for a talk about the rich history of the Grafton Village Cheese Company, the farms that supply the milk and a Virtual Cheese tasting of the Grafton traditional Clothbound, Shepsog, and Bear Hill.

Grafton Village Cheese Box $ 65.00
Grafton Traditional Clothbound Cheddar
Grafton Shepsog
Grafton Bear Hill

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Thursday, Maya 20th at 4:00 pm EDT

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his segment will be recorded and on my YouTube Channel, Michael Landis Cheese.

Grafton Traditional Clothbound Cheddar
Grafton’s signature Clothbound Cheddar is wrapped in cheesecloth and cave-aged for a minimum of 7 months, a
traditional method that allows this cheese to take on a deeper variety of flavors than its plastic-aged counterparts, at a younger age. The texture is firm and creamy. Clothbound Cheddar has a mottled gray rind with aromas of cave, mushrooms, and fresh butter. Flavors are reminiscent of a traditional English cheddar: grassy, nutty notes dominate with some lemony accents and a smooth, lactic body that carries on through a meaty finish.

Grafton Shepsog
Shepsog is the Algonquin word for “sheep”, which once covered Vermont’s hillsides during the booming wool industry of the 19th century. The forest has since reclaimed our hills, but we still source top quality sheep milk to make this mixed-milk, 11-pound cave-aged beauty. Made with a half-and half blend of raw sheep and cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of 7 months, Shepsog has a dusty gray and white mottled rind, with a firm texture. Expect aromas of cultured butter and fresh buttermilk, alongside bright flavors that are lemony and sweet, with notes of caramel and a clean, nutty finish. Shepsog is best served as a table cheese. Pair with toasted nuts and raw honey, shave over grilled asparagus, or enjoy with a handful of trail mix as you observe the view from your nearest mountaintop.

Grafton Bear Hill
Named for the scenic bluff overlooking the village of Grafton, Bear Hill is a washed-rind, alpine-style cheese made with raw sheep’s milk and cave aged for a minimum of 7 months. This cheese combines the sweet and nutty flavors characteristic of alpine cheeses with a fruity and savory complexity brought on by the sheep’s milk. The rustic rind should range from pale tan to ruddy brown, with aromas of stone and butter.  Bear Hill has a firm yet pliant texture, turning creamy on the tongue. Rich aromas of hazelnut and browned butter give way to a balanced harmony of flavors ranging from toasted nuts to artichokes in butter, with a long, savory finish.