On YouTube - Michael Landis Cheese

Edelweiss Creamery Award winning cheese box $ 47.00
You can order your 4 cheeses and taste along with Bruce and Michael.  You get Edelweiss Creamery Muenster, Butterkase, Havarti and Dill Havarti in a package for 47.00 with FREE Shipping!

Taste along with us on my YouTube Link:

Here’s what I paired up with the cheeses
Edelweiss Creamery Muenster, Le Trois Petits Cochons Sliced Chorizo & Le Trois Petits Cochons Petits Toasts with Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Edelweiss Creamery Butterkase, Bonnie’s Jams Strawberry Rhubarb & Effie’s homemade Original Oat Biscuits with Hoegaarden Original Belgian Wheat Beer

Edelweiss Creamery Havarti, Virginia Chutney Sweet Peach Chutney & Effie’s Homemade Pecan Biscuits with Pilsner Urquell Original Pilsner

Edelweiss Creamery Dill Havarti & Le Trois Petits Cochons Organic Caperberries & Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Organic Sourdough Flatbread with Pilsner Urquell Original Pilsner