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5 Spoke Creamery, producers of raw milk cheeses in the beautiful Hudson Valley, was born from the owner's (Alan Glustoff) love for European raw milk cheeses developed when he worked in Holland as a college student. Fast forward 30 years to the purchase of a broken down dairy farm in the "black dirt" region in Goshen, NY, where Alan follows his passion. Committed to sustainability, every building was restored and the entire facility is solar powered including a below ground European style aging room and the cheese making room above. This is where the magic happens!
We produce a variety of cheeses -- from traditional cheddars to European style cheeses that we cave age.  All of our cheeses are made from the raw milk of grass-fed cows. In addition to superior taste and texture provided by raw milk, it is believed by many to provide health benefits not found in pasteurized milk.
People often ask about the meaning behind our name 5 Spoke Creamery. There isn't a simple answer; like any great cheese, it's complex. The unifying theme though, is the bicycle. The first "spoke" of inspiration came from Alan's lifelong love of bicycling. He has always considered bicycling the best way to really see what's around him and be in the experience instead of racing through it. That's also how he views cheesemaking; you need to be in the experience, seeing and feeling what is going on in the vat so you can react to what is happening in the moment.




A rich, round cheese with a moonscape-like outer rind and an inside the bright orange hue of autumnal leaves, Harvest Moon has a hint of sweetness and butterscotch notes that become more pronounced as it ages.


A lightly pressed semi-hard wheel with pleasant buttery notes. Aged 3-4 months, Porter’s interior is light golden-ivory with a rind that has an earthy aroma.  Porter is our take on the French Tomme de Savoie.


A cross between a Cantal Fermier (Le Salers) and an aged Cheddar, this semi-hard cheese shows its true form after 12 months in the cave.